La Fontaine de la Pouyade

Cognac Grande Champagne Premier Cru

Among the very rare first ones in the market of the very rare great Cognacs, it comes exclusively from the heart of the limited Cognac Region: The Grande Champagne, legally classified Premier Cru

Louis Dubosquet

Champagne Grand Cru

Situated in the top-end-niche of the exceptional Great Champagnes, Louis Dubosquet Champagne 100% Grand Cru Millésimé 6 years old minimum.

De Marvaut


At the top of the Great Armagnacs: De Marvaut. One quality only: 40 years old minimum.

As the Art, our Regions have their Master-Pieces

The Maison Dubosquet, Composer of Luxury Wine & Spirits Brands, today managed by the fourteenth generation of Cognac producers, is in possesion of an indisputable art of blending, matured since four centuries and totally today mastered.

Designer and Administrator of prestigious Brands classified at the top of the growths hierarchy : La Fontaine de La Pouyade Grande Champagne Cognac Premier Cru, Louis Dubosquet Champagne Grand Cru, De Marvaut Bas-Armagnac, Le Vigan Calvados Pays d'Auge...


The passion for the Premiers Grands Crus has been taught to me when I was very young by my family deeply rooted in the Charente in the heart of the Cognac Region, since more than four centuries. The villages situated on the bank of the Charente river : Ambérac,Portrait XVIIIe. Coll. privée Bouyer-Dubosquet Gourville, Mons, Bassac have been the birth places of the Plantevigne-Dubosquet and the Bouyer families, their descendants, all passionate by the Premiers Grands Crus.

XVIIIth century family portrait
Bouyer-Dubosquet private Collection

Born in the middle of the family vineyards, I have inherited this one passion and as the fourteen generation, I continue unearthing the Treasures of the Provinces of France. Inherited of this long tradition and because I am the provisory keeper of this unique knowhow, I kindly invited you to visit this site where these masterpieces are collected and exposed.

Bernard Bouyer-Dubosquet